jobsthat travel


Working differently. This is a slogan for an online hub for freelancers. What does it mean? That you should get a job that not many people have? Like become a shepherd? Nah. It refers to how you work. Have laptop, will go traveling. And get one of those jobs where you travel. So, you don’t starve.

Sure you could work differently in your home town, why not? But if you are inspired by the vibrant covers of the Lonely Planet series, you know you have to go. There are jobs that travel the world that eventually morph into careers. There are travel the world jobs that simply bring you an extended hiatus from the humdrum.

Whether your goal is to build a short-term job or a long-term career, you should know that you can do so from Susono, Japan. Or a village in Kenya. Or in an apartment in Bangkok. Just go for it.