Davis and Cline Gallery

Ashland, Oregon

The Davis and Cline Gallery is located at the corner of Fourth and A Streets in the Historic Railroad District in Ashland, Oregon.

The Gallery was founded by John Davis and opened in March 1998. Originally showing non-objective paintings by West Coast artists, the gallery quickly gained a reputation for the quality of the artists represented and for crisp and uncluttered exhibitions.

In the summer of 2000 Chandra Holsten joined the gallery as Gallery Director. Co-founder of the highly respected Holsten Galleries in Stockbridge Massachusetts and Palm Beach Florida, Chandra brought the work of major American and international glass artists to the gallery.

Areas of Expertise

The Gallery represents and exhibits West Coast artists as well as glass artists from across the U.S.Today there are three exhibition areas with two separate rooms for glass. Every month a new show or artist will open in one of the three gallery spaces with exhibitions lasting from four to six weeks.

The artists represented as well as the show schedules are listed on the gallery website.

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