Jeff Paitson

Terre Haute, IN, USA

When I became a Christian I realized that the Bible was God’s letter to his children telling them how to live their life. Then it hit me! That’s what I wanted to do. To tell my children and grandchildren the things I’ve learned throughout my life to help them live their lives by. To write it down in a form that can be passed down from generation to generation. Finally, the vision of what I wanted to do came together. It is to use my love of photography and the pictures I create to illustrate lessons I’ve learned and to show my children and grandchildren that God is present all around them and that He will instruct them how to live their life through His Word in the Bible.

Maybe you too will be able to relate and learn from discovering the truth that is all around us as you journey with me in this book. I hope you can enjoy what has yet to be written in your life.

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