Bullimalinna Sot

Oakland, Ca

Bulli Sot - Going to college up in CSUEB, I broke out of the stereo type that all Cambodians were gang members or thugs in the crazy streets of Oakland, but I knew that attending to an higher stage in my life I will face many people who will look down on me or criticize my logics as something lower then their standards. But I know in my heart I fought many battle's just to face and become who I am today. Attending college I am not the best in my classe's but what made me different from the people who know it all is that I was raised up from the bottom to the top. I'm a street soldier and an Angkor Warrior. But understanding who I am, I know that I can reach anything that comes up in my life. I live life not to think about it but to live it. - 2009

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