Kristina Ellis

western michigan

I was born
in Philadelphia
Quaker country
and raised on an island
in the Detroit river

My Life
has taken me to
Baltimore for my BFA,
New York City, Delaware, DC,
Maine, New Jersey,Chicago
and back again
to Michigan

here I remain
in the middle of the woods
i hold so dear
with cats
entwined around me.
i paint
i listen
i work
i wait


my world is peopled by images
always images
of everything, past present
emotions concepts
words ideas
sound and thought;
my inner world
is an eye.

yet Music;
rhythm and cadence;
dance and release;
follow me everywhere
my unbidden lover
my delight

these images
flow through me
mingling with
Myth and Soul
emotion, symbol
dreams and desires
the Self (much more)

into and out of
finding and looking
yearning and defiance
past and present
Standing Still

from the wellspring of God
by color, symbol and juxtaposition
I address my questions
and reassert my desire
to be One

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