Krzysztof Krolikowski


A passionate film photographer deeply immersed in the art of capturing moments through the lens of vintage authenticity. My journey into the world of photography has been an exploration of the timeless allure of film, where each click of the shutter is imbued with a sense of anticipation and mystery.
My craft revolves predominantly around the enchanting realm of film photography, where I meticulously navigate the nuances of traditional darkroom processes to breathe life into my imagery. Embracing the tactile nature of analog photography, I find solace in the ritualistic dance of developing, printing, and manipulating each frame with a personal touch.
What truly sets my work apart is my penchant for experimentation with expired films. Venturing into uncharted territories of artistic expression, I revel in the serendipitous dance between light, chemistry, and the passage of time. Each expired roll becomes a canvas for unexpected surprises and serendipitous discove

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