Ligia Cuevas'Johnson


Ligia Cuevas encapsulates the dignity, honesty and optimism of America’s Latino children in her collection of 25 black-and-white photographs that record the children in their yards, neighborhoods, tiendas and churches. The photographer hopes the exhibit will help viewers gain a higher sense of the young peoples’ normalcy, humor, intelligence and place.

Ligia (“Li”) Cuevas, a highly trained, creative photographer, has photographed on assignment in Paris, London, Milan, Dubai, Mexico City, Merida, Vancouver, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, New York, Chicago, Las Vegas and Key West. She’s worked with her husband, a business journalist and Ansel Adams trained photographer, for close to 20 years and has also work shopped with Kurt Marcus, Joe McNally and numerous other extraordinary photographers.

Her photo work as appeared in Latino magazine and other publications; further, she has won four awards at the Kentucky Professional Photographers Assn.

Books by Ligia Cuevas'Johnson