Richard Pester


Richard Pester started drawing comics when he was still at school and in 1989 produced his first full length comic "Derna". He admits it was awful, a year later he started making his own comics and in 1993 he created a number of experimental comics with Warren Ellis. A Marvel cover followed but the book was cancelled before it was published, he found success producing material for a number of adult magazines before doing the art on "Maeve" for Fantagraphics, who, after 27 years, have yet to pay him fully for it.

A short stint in videogame creation happened at the start of the 21st century, then a flurry of creativity until a 'retirement' from art in 2014.
It wasn't until 2019 he returned to publicly producing material with an autobiographical tale about life in retail "Retail Hell", in 2023 he reconnected with John Short and became part of the creative team behind Short's anthology "Shokwave" prompting him to return to publishing himself with his retrospective title Big Books of Rap

Books by Richard Pester