Peter Riedel

Toronto, ON, Canada

Peter Riedel grew up in Montreal and his passion for nature photography began when he was twenty while on his travels through the US, Mexico, Belize and Guatemala. Another two and a half years were spent traveling through much of Europe, Scandinavia and Morocco.
Arriving in Toronto in 2004 Peter began to visit the waterfront and discover areas where he was able to construct his rock galleries.

Known as environmental art, where the use of natural surroundings create the art form,
Peters’ work is at once impermanent and permanent in that it alters the organization of the natural landscape. His transient sculptures contradict the permanence of traditional art. His work shows that we as humans have some ability of controlling nature, but eventually, in the end, nature controls us.

With no preconceived ideas about what he will create, Riedel relies on what each rocks’ surface will give him. “I enjoy the freedom of using my hands. It’s recognizing the smallest features, angle

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