Mari Amman


Mari Amman (b. 1984, Dixon, Illinois) is a multi-disciplinary artist. Interested in resonances, she works with the sublime to create art with reverence for the beauty of life in public art, installations, images (photography, video), textiles, and sculptures. Omniscient, awarded 1st in the Imaging New Eurasia exhibition in Gwangju (SK, 2015) and Art Farm Iowa (US, 2023). Amman was poet and artist in residence in Paris (FR, 2023), Kjerringøy Land Art (NO, 2020), Angelot-Trélex (CH, 2019), Praksis Oslo (NO, 2017), Praxisdansfestivalen (NO, 2017). She holds with honours a MFA (2015), BA (2006), and completed studies with honours in History, Interior Design, Butoh, Photography, and Social Psychology in Illinois, Japan, and Norway. She is a member of BONO, an EIT Culture Creativity Expert Evaluator, and author of Le Lapin.

Books by Mari Amman