ramya reddy

Bangalore, India

Ramya believes fine art imagery is a result of conscious thought, search and effort and not always coincidence. She likes to think of image-making as a process that not only captures a moment in time, but also makes it a transcendental one. Much of her work is born out of relentless daydreaming, need for solitude, immense love for nature and travel, fleeting magical moments that occur inside and out and long days of “creative downs”. As much as she thrives on creating images of the things that make life special, she feels the deep need to find ways of using her imagery to play a part in sensitising us to the environment and helping us re-connect with our world.
A Light & Life Academy alumnus, Ramya also has studied at Santa Fe workshops under renowned fine-artist John Paul Caponigro, who she considers her mentor. Her work encompasses fine-art imagery, travel photography that captures the spirit of land & life and photo illustration.

Books by ramya reddy