Shelby Yoga & Malas LLC

Delray Beach, FL

Shelby Taylor is a yoga teacher, mala maker, and writer based in Delray Beach, FL.

She teaches yoga full time in a variety of settings in South Florida. With experience with folks as young as 3 and as old as 93, Shelby embodies an unwavering excitement for the never-ending possibilities in the lifelong yoga practice and is honored to share it.

Creating is a passion of Shelby's, and she does so through writing poetry and making jewelry. She draws inspiration from nature, love, heartbreak, travel, embodiment, & presence. Her poems, sweet and dreamy, use sensation and imagery to give readers a visceral experience.

Shelby is surrounded by inspiring people and experiences, and bursts with gratitude to be alive.

She has been able to unite her passions for yoga, poetry, and hand-crafting by reading her poems at the end of her yoga classes and vending her jewelry at local wellness markets.

Learn more at or @shelbygyoga on Instagram

Areas of Expertise

Vinyasa, Yin, inversions and arm balances, poetry, and mala necklaces.

Books by Shelby Yoga & Malas LLC