Eric Slocum


Eric Slocum is a writer, journalist and Emmy award-winning television reporter. He is the author of New Words (Children’s Hospital Publications,1996), a book of poetry which sold more than two-thousand copies through Independent Booksellers in Seattle to raise money for a Pediatric Aids Endowment. Slocum is the recipient of the National Education Association Award for the Advancement of Learning through Broadcasting. Other winners of this award include such notables as Tom Brokaw, Nightline and The Hallmark Channel. He is the winner of an Emmy award for news series reporting on The Origins of the Beatles in England. And his reporting resume includes Emmy nominations for reporting on AIDS, and Dangerous Cults. Slocum is a working journalist for more than three decades, covering the Persian Gulf War from Saudi Arabia in 1990.

Eric Slocum is a member of the Pacific Northwest Writers Association, The Society of Professional Journalists, and American Federation of Television and Radio.

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