Steve Pavey


Steve Pavey, PhD, is a documentary photographer, applied anthropologist and contemplative activist, all of which come together in the vocation of cultivating a way to see, in order to bear witness to the world both as it is, and as it could be. His creative process is deeply shaped by accompanying and being accompanied by humanity living on the margins of empire, documenting and making photos with those shrouded in “otherness” towards the goal of collective action and mutual liberation. Steve’s art focuses on hope – hope found in the struggle and dignity of becoming more human.

He has worked in nearly 30 countries around the world, most recently in Honduras and Mexico. He has traveled over the last six years to 21 US States documenting and participating in the undocumented led struggle for freedom and human dignity. Steve most recently worked as a scholar activist at One Horizon Institute in Lexington, KY where he utilized arts-based methodologies to both better understand and build

Books by Steve Pavey