Tyler Hewitt

Chicago, Illinois, USA

Tyler Hewitt lives in Chicago.
He holds a Master of Fine Arts degree from Cranbrook Academy of Art,
and a Bachelor of Social Work degree from Eastern Michigan University.
He teaches Photography and 2D Design at a Chicago area community college.

His current creative work incorporates alternative process photographic printing, shooting with toy cameras, collage, and screenprinting.
In addition to his professional interests, he is an avid reader, an animation fan, and a collector of kitsch objects and vintage pop culture ephemera. He also enjoys riding his bike, hiking and travel. All of these activities have a large influence on his art.

Mr. Hewitt maintains two blogs.
You can see examples of his recent work and comments about art
on Lightbender:
He posts an original photo (nearly) every day, accompanied by a few
comments on A Photo A Day:

Books by Tyler Hewitt