I wish to start using the sad.'Scary Movie'i watched at could be the last funny franchise (well, no less than the primary three parts) while in the history of cinema to date. While in the 80s there was'Airplane!' , Later'The Naked Gun ', the 90s'Hot Shots!' followed by there was clearly run little-known but funny parodies. And all sorts of the films were combined with almost a similar surnames: mr. Zucker, mr. Abrahams, mr. Zucker (I did not seal myself, there was two Zuckers: David and Jerry, respectively). And already, with the modern millennium, the parody genre should be refreshed with new names. As well as Wines brothers got right down to business, who had already appeared on their own show on American TV and from the non-standard comedy of people times,'Don't Be described as a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice while in the Hood '. And it absolutely was this unconventional proced