Photo Anthems, LLC.

Las Vegas, NV

My name is Terrell Neasley, a professional photographer based in Las Vegas and am currently backpacking around the world... currently Southeast Asia. I call myself a Life-Documentarist. I love to photograph life in REAL life, and specialize in Personal Documentaries. My work is done from an artistic perspective, so you won't see an emphasis on glamour or fashion work in my portfolio. I capture the moment as it happens and bring it to focus using unique perspectives. Special projects I look for are to photo-document pregnancies and birth, travel vacations or excursions. I have even photographed a several family member's last moments on earth.

I love alternative weddings. You can also hire me to simply capture a segment of your every-day life. I simply love to shoot real moments making something extraordinary out of the seemingly mundane. Sometimes these are jovial moments and sometimes not. Regardless, I can break away from my current travels and meet you anywhere in the world.

Areas of Expertise

Art Nude Book Projects, Travel Photography, Personal Commissions, Documentary Projects

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