Warkentin - Fotografie

Oberkirch, Germany

Karl H. Warkentin is a photographer, teacher and editor for photography. But photography is not only his profession, it is also his passion. He is teaching photography at various schools in Germany and leads workshops on Lanzarote and at the UAE. He was born 1957 in Hamburg and is now living in the Black Forrest area in Southern Germany close to the French Border and Strasbourg.

His work has been shown at many single and also group exhibitions and a lot more than 100 of his articles about photography and portfolios with his work have been printed in photography magazines in Germany, Italy, Spain and Russia.

To better reach a world wide audience Warkentin started now to publish his photographic work even with blurb books.

Areas of Expertise

Landscape, Travel, Architecture, Gastronomy, Industry, Portrait and Nude Photography
Landschaft, Reise, Architektur, Gastronomie, Industrie, Portrait und Akt Fotografie

Professional Affiliations

Photographer, teacher and editor for photography
Fotograf, Dozent und Fachautor für Fotografie