Zehara Nachash

Richmond, VA

Zehara is a fourth-generation Witch and draws deeply from her life-long study and practice of several magickal and spiritual traditions, including, but not limited to Gnosticism, Hermeticism, Ceremonial Magick and Shamanism. She is well-versed in the Goetia (Lesser Key of Solomon) and the Kabbalah, and is a former student of The Sacred Magick of Ancient Egypt a member of Temple Harakhte run by Rosemary Clark. In 2002, she was initiated into The Temple of the Seekers, a Witchcraft/Ceremonial Magick group based in Boston, MA. In 2012, Zehara was called to Voodoo and is currently a member of the House of the Nine Mysteries, run by Mambo Samantha Corfield.

Books by Zehara Nachash