Irene Rodriguez


Having taught art for many years to all ages and having grown up with a mother interested in assorted crafts, Irene's art experience covers a variety of media and techniques. She is constantly experimenting with ideas and materials. When something catches her eye or an idea pops into her head, it often becomes a work of art.

Irene's artwork includes acrylics, watercolors, original art quilts, block prints, scratch art, digital paintings, photographs, ink drawings, gourd art, and various three-dimensional art including hand felted wool head figures. She uses a variety of subjects including flowers, animals, still life, landscape, and maritime.

Most of her work is representational although she sometimes work with abstracts. She has also developed a technique she calls "Puzzle Paintings" in which she cuts a board into puzzle type pieces, paint each of these segments individually, then put them back together to create the completed, slightly distorted looking work.

Books by Irene Rodriguez