Yearbook Tips and Tricks

Yearbook Tips and Tricks

Getting started (and organized) with your yearbook

  1. Make sure you choose—and stick to—a theme. A unified theme will organize your content and make your yearbook look much more polished and professional.
  2. Gather as many photos as you can. The more photos you have access to, the more likely you are to discover the perfect shot for your yearbook or school. Reach out to other parents and to teachers and faculty members for more resources.
  3. Enlist help. Find out if there are parents who want to contribute their editorial, photographic, or design skills (Plenty of parents are going to have volunteer hours to make up before the school year ends).
  4. Enlist help—from the kids. Children can submit their own photos, stories, and drawings to help flesh out the yearbook. Even the youngest kids can contribute to the project (and they’ll feel more attached to the finished product, too).

Designing your yearbook (even if you’re not a designer)

  1. Choose the tool that’s best for your project (and your design skills). Get started quickly and easily with our free online yearbook templates or create your very own templates using BookWright. If you’re experienced with graphic design, you’re already set to go—fire up Adobe® InDesign® and you’ll find our plug-in right inside the Book module.
  2. Keep your yearbook simple and go for single-image pages when possible. It’s tempting to include tons and tons of photographs, but large, simple spreads can be more compelling (and easier to lay out).
  3. That having been said, your most favorite photos will look their best spread across two pages. Not sure how to do that? It’s easy. Here’s how to make a two-page photo spread. Think: The class photo, the shot of all the kids in their Halloween costumes, whatever you want to really highlight.
  4. Make a PDF version to share if you're collaborating with a group.

Distribution, sales, and all that fun stuff

  1. Get the word out. Post your yearbook to BookShow (limit the of pages previewed to pique interest) on the school website and Facebook page and send out emails. You can even talk to people face-to-face.
  2. Check, check, and double-check. Get another set of eyes on your yearbook, if you can. Nobody wants to see their name spelled incorrectly.
  3. Collect money. Just kidding—with Blurb you don't have to. Simply direct parents to the yearbook’s book detail page in the Blurb Bookstore and they can place their order there while we handle billing and shipping.
  4. Consider using the yearbook as a school auction item and set your price accordingly.