Bron Cunningham

Outback South Australia

What’s Over There?
By Bron Cunningham
How to describe this great read about 17 herculean days, trekking the 300Km length of Lake Torrens? Firstly, I did not put it down until the end, marvelling at the endurance of the 3 starring “characters”, sharing their almost constant humour on the journey, almost shivering as the cold, wet and muddy conditions are casually backgrounded against so many wonders of nature. Many beautiful photos are included to share the experience with us.
Bron is a lively writer, succeeding admirably in “taking us along” without the actual pain and exhaustion. Her passion for the Outback, for nature, for challenge and fellow achievers shines through on every page.
Final description? Inspirational, delightful, and leaving one with an enduring sense of privilege to “see” , even second hand, what most never will.

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