Beauty in Blood


In my opinion, society’s squeamishness about menstruation is completely ridiculous considering its graphic consumption of blood shed through violence in pop culture entertainment, i.e. blood sports like boxing, hockey and wrestling; video games like Call of Duty; shows and movies like Dexter and Twilight; even the news media. Pacifying social taboos only serves to give more power to society than to the self, and as women we have done that for far too long. My work quashes this taboo, reclaims feminine power, and puts menstruation on the pedestal it so rightly deserves. I challenge the notion that menstruation is “gross”, “vulgar”, or “unrefined”; I counter these notions with candid, real-life photos of my menstrual blood. Viewers are forced to see and think about menstruation in an entirely new way. There is an abstract artistic quality when blood meets water that warrants a closer look not only by women but also by society as a whole.

Areas of Expertise

Menstrual Art

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Society for Menstrual Cycle Research
Women's Caucus for Art

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