Denise Barnhart


I love music. I hug trees. I adore chocolate. I heart San Francisco. But those are chapters of my story for another time.

The photosounds chapter began in 2018 while hiking in Berkeley’s Tilden Park. I heard music on the trails and in the trees, so I picked up my camera to capture those moments. The resulting images and songs came together in my first book, Tilden: An Epic Photo Poem. And with that book, I discovered my calling:

I’m a photo essayist, and I tell musical stories.

A picture may speak a thousand words, but places have bigger tales to hear. From mountain trails to city streets, I’ve been recording the photosounds of my northern California home. It is my passion, and with my books and Instagram Gallery, my goal is to help you see scenes in a new way and to inspire you to look for the musical stories in your world. Stop and hear the roses!

Books by Denise Barnhart