Riley Hoagland

Lincoln City, OR United States

A moment of clarity the moment his eyes gazed out over the distant horizon-line of the Pacific Ocean as he stepped out onto a weathered ancient lava flow of sea smoothed basalt as a migrating Grey Whale let out an unforgettable exhale for Poet, Entrepreneur, Photographer, and Inventor Riley Hoagland in the summer of 2006.

Originally from the over industrialized petrochemical and steel mill plants that build out into the waters of Lake Michigan, Riley moved all around the U.S. where his single mother of 4 children worked as a traveling Operating Room Registered Nurse. He ultimately graduated from Purdue Calumet with a degree in International Studies and quickly moved to the Oregon Coast.

He invented and produces the Trezur Bag, which is a clip-on mesh bottomed bag for keeping what you find and leaving the sand behind on your agate, sea glass and seashell hunting trips.

Since 2012, Riley has been an integral member of the local government, effectively building up his community.

Books by Riley Hoagland