Josephin Ripa


"From the very first cave paintings, 27'000 years ago, humans have been telling stories. Storytelling activates your mind and can change how we perceive the world. Storytelling, in the written form, has always been a part of my life. Whether I am the reader or the writer, stories need to be told.

Collected on this website are the books made by a 30 something veterinarian, with the wish to tell stories about love with a touch of science fiction.

- Josephin"

Josephin Ripa lives in Sweden with her fiancé, their daughter, and their two cats, and works as a veterinarian.

She has been writing as a hobby since she was old enough to hold a pen. Inspired by Nancy Drew when she was around 11, most of her stories at that point were of a detective/criminal nature. Later on, the stories turned more romantic and Josephin started writing fanfiction for online readers. She has, since then, gradually moved away from fanfiction, creating her own world of words and tales.

Books by Josephin Ripa