Emmanuele Panzarini

Padua, Italy

Emmanuele was born in 1984 in Padua, Italy. Since he's been little, he approaches art through his mother, an art teacher. From 13 to 17 of years of age he lived abroad to take English language courses: Crawley, Hastings, Brighton in England and La Valetta in Malta. In 2001, he leaves for Annawan, Illinois, USA, where he is hosted for 1 year at the Landwehr. He attendes the last year of school at Annawan High School and graduated. In 2005 he graduated in Scienze nelle Discipline delle Arti, della Musica e dello Spettacolo with 104/110, bringing the thesis "Final unexpected - the epiphany that you don't expect" with supervisor Mario Brenta, director and university lecturer. In 2007, leaves for Bilbao, Spain, where he remains for 1 year as an Erasmus student. Attend the course Licenciatura en Comunicación Audiovisual at Universidad del País Vasco. In 2009 he graduated in Scienze dello Spettacolo e della Produzione Multimediale with 110/110.

Books by Emmanuele Panzarini