1 Victory Publishing

Houston, TX, Harris

1 Victory Publishing is a branch of the, The HELP Movement LLC, a Texas limited liability company DBA, 1 Victory. The mission of The HELP Movement LLC is to Help Everyone Live on Purpose. 1 Victory Publishing aims to accomplish this goal by way of thought provoking storytelling and literature. While sharing traumatic experiences through creative writing, the goal is to lessen the stigma surrounding fully transparent conversations which ultimately lead to healing.

The world is shifting more towards understanding the importance in addressing topics of mental health. 1 Victory Publishing has released the "Shadows" series as an alternative approach to the "fake it until you make it" mentality. By sharing crippling thought processes, as opposed to suppressing them, we face our hardship head-on and grow.

As we work towards the goal of helping everyone live on purpose, utilizing literature, each reader has the power to heal out loud and on purpose.

Areas of Expertise

Trauma-Informed Storytelling, Poetry, Prose, Overcoming Hardship and Adversity, Mental health, Motivation, Inspiration, Resilience, Creative Writing, Therapeutic Interdisciplinary Art, Perseverance, Self-help

Professional Affiliations

Urban Resource Institute NYC and People & Animals Living Safely; combating domestic violence, homelessness, poverty, and trauma. Providing a safe place for survivors of domestic violence and their pets to live safely and heal.

Books by 1 Victory Publishing