Jenny Kljucaric

Chicago, IL

Jenny Kljucaric is a Chicago-based photographer and ceramic artist. In the past she has received outstanding student awards in the ceramic field, a full summer scholarship to Peter’s Valley Craft Center for sculpting, as well as various other academic and artistic scholarships. In 2007, her ceramic platter, “Flow of Courage”, was published in Lark Books’ 500 Plates and Chargers. Newer to the photographic field, in 2011 Jenny received the best in Media Arts award for her photograph “The Painting” in the DePaul University student art show juried by Marcelino Stuhmer. Currently working towards her BFA degree at The School of The Art Institute of Chicago, she has completed documentary work on her personal experiences with cancer as well as humorous work with domesticity and is now working with appropriation of Internet media and exploring new approaches to creating ceramic creatures. Jenny Kljucaric can be contacted at JKljucaric.art@gmail.com.

Books by Jenny Kljucaric