Jan Hamrsky

Prague, Czech Republic

I have been always attracted to nature, water and life in it. I could also spend hours watching insects and exploring the hidden worlds of all the tiny creatures. As I started with photography, it was only a matter of time before these two interests came together.
Eight years ago, I came across the book devoted to macro photography, where I found some pictures of freshwater invertebrates. I was absolutely stunned by the photographs of these unseen animals. Since then, I have been trying to study and document the fascinating world of freshwater invertebrates inhabiting streams and ponds around us.

Interest on the part of both general public and professional biologists is encouraging and confirms that my effort makes sense. After all, photographing the freshwater invertebrates can lead to better knowledge and increased awareness of these extremely important organisms, because people cannot protect what they don’t know it exists.

Books by Jan Hamrsky