Jesse Miller

Seattle, WA, USA

Jesse Paul Miller is a Seattle based artist and traveler who works with sound, painting, and drawing.

Since 2005, he has traveled numerous times to Asia, creating and collaborating with artists and musicians.

Trained also as a Graphic Designer, Jesse revels in inexpensive and vintage Asian package print design, Buddhist temple art..

During his journeys, he created books, which contain his own marks in combination with photographs and found printed ephemera, as a way of somehow filtering a form of memory into something new.

He would gather this ephemera along the way (or some purchased curiosities), and, when he had time, add these to a cheap sketchbook...whether it be while sitting in a park, a train platform, or studio of choice - the guesthouse balcony.

Within his books are responses, appropriations, tributes to influence of perspective, drifting focal points, tracings of locations.

They are idiosyncratic, artifacts of a moment, a reminder of the impermanence of things

Books by Jesse Miller