Joris Van Daele


Internationally published photographer Joris Van Daele specializes in black and white nude portraits and figure studies. With a creative approach that is honest and fresh, Mr. Van Daele's photographs feature strong imagery, perfect technique and a delicate approach.

His pictures are referred to as “good contemporary work” by and “high quality art nudes” by Janes Sensitive and versatile, Mr. Van Daele produces images that are sought after by galleries and collectors.

Mr. Van Daele’s work was featured recently in the Carrie Leigh’s “Nude,” Fall 2007; Best of Black and White: Erotic Photography, 2006, Germany; “PhotoArt,” May 2006, Czech; “ARTphotoAKT,” 2006, Germany; Snoecks 2005 Annual, Belgium; “Naked,” 2004, Germany; “Not Only Black+White,” Issue 68, Australia; Cathy Joseph’s Outdoor Lighting: Nudes, 2003, England; StillZeit, 2002, Germany, and Black and White Photography: Manifest Visions, USA. Hundreds of web E-Zines and sites feature his works.

Books by Joris Van Daele