Olivia Walker

United States

Olivia Walker is a visual artist and writer, born in New York City and raised predominantly in California. Her work portrays her experience with OCD, and her practice has aided her in finding solace. She has learned to embrace the positive qualities that stem from the diagnosis. In her writing; her narrative of scene and summary, her poetry, and complex literary pieces, she considers and addresses a multitude of struggles: obsessions, compulsions, triggers, and depersonalization/derealization that come with OCD. She strives to find the balance between the grotesque and beautiful and discomfort and solace. She investigates the dialogue and dichotomy between intimacy and opposition, structure and ruin, reality and unreality, and inner battles with order and chaos. She hopes her intricate, picturesque, vulnerable, metaphorical, and insightful writing can act as exposure and a tool for moving on, accepting, and escaping her past, as well as a platform to de-stigmatize mental illness.

Books by Olivia Walker