Refueled Magazine


Publisher Chris Brown came of age in the "cultural decade" of the 1960's. His influences from that period - the music, the style, the art and media, all play a large role in his publication Refueled, whether always obvious to the reader or not.

Brown created his first magazine when he was eight years old. From those sheets of typing paper sprang a vision inspired by the large format photos of LIFE, the satirical vibe of MAD, and the people and counterculture times that surrounded him. From the beginning, Brown saw issues of Refueled more as personal journals rather than a magazine. Contained in its pages today are the people and subjects that inspire him - meaningful enough that he feels almost a obligation to share them with the world.

With Refueled, Brown is providing us not only a window into great culture, but a peek into one man's personal quest to make media itself an art form.

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