Cathie Wallace

Georgetown, Texas

The story books I have written are inspired by my grandchildren. Five of the books, my grandsons ages six to eleven at the time, helped write and they ended up becoming a series. They gave me ideas of what they wanted in their stories, how they wanted to be dressed, their weapons or tools and who their friends might be in their story, I filled in the blanks. Because none of us are artist we needed to trace, draw and color illustrations. I hired illustrators for two books and to illustrate the dragon for two of the books in the series. My oldest grandson Ashton, painted a wooded scene and it is used a few times where woods are needed. Rachelle, my granddaughter is a good artist and illustrated “Princess’s Pond.” So all seven grandchildren are involved in the creation of my books.
I do enjoy animals and bugs and have written some on the subjects. Fun For Kidz, published an article I wrote titled, “The Worms Bag.”

Books by Cathie Wallace