Samira Design

Los Angeles, California

Are you looking for an innovative design for your book? Do you want your book to stand out from the crowd?

I will carry out your vision and help you with continuity, a seamless design, and the story you tell. It will deliver a big impact, starting with the cover. Your book will be completely custom designed for you.

Graduating from California State University, Long Beach, I received my Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communication Studies in 1999. Ever since, I have worked with reputable agencies on a number of great projects including annual reports, corporate collateral, packaging design, entertainment design, and home video. Known for setting highly
innovative standards, I’ve built a career as an art director.

I believe in the art of storytelling. I believe in strategic thinking and strong design with an attitude. I design timeless and compelling books that create a whole visual experience. Your book will delight you personally or put your business on the map.

Areas of Expertise

Graphic Design, Interactive Design and Fine Art

Books by Samira Design