TU/e LightHouse


LightHouse is founded to disclose the knowledge on smart lighting and smart cities of the Eindhoven University of Technology for Society. LightHouse is originally founded as part of the Intelligent Lighting Institute (ILI) and has close ties to the research programs related to smart urban lighting. LightHouse has extended its scope to smart city solutions with the foundation of the Data Science Centre Eindhoven (DSCe). LightHouse executes knowledge intensive projects starting from needs or questions from society and organisations as part of the valorisation activities of TU/e Innovation Lab, where it also holds office.

We apply the knowledge, methods and designs from the different departments of the university in practical applications and viable, sustainable lighting and smart city solutions. We co-create solutions with cities as well as multinationals and small companies and start-ups. We add value to the TU/e by bringing in best practices and societal needs to inspire new research

Areas of Expertise

- expertise in smart lighting and smart cities
- co-creating visions and roadmaps: defining shared ambitions and building sustainable innovation ecosystems
- improving quality of life with intelligent systems
- knowledge sharing and collaboration for innovation

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