Robert Snellgrove

Houston, Texas

Robert Snellgrove, LCSW received a Master of Social Work in clinical practice from the University of Houston and an undergraduate degree in Architecture from Texas Tech University. In his private practice as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist of 25 years, Robert approaches healing from a Jungian perspective, utilizing a blend of myth, storytelling, visual arts, theater, advocacy and empowerment to guide clients on their own unique life's journey. He is also on the faculty of the Jung Center in Houston. His style is known as warm, humorous and always radically human.

Embracing his positive masculine, as a lifelong political and social activist, participating in numerous human rights movements both locally and nationally he has always been an advocate for the disenfranchised. His academic paper on the largely undocumented history of the LGBTQ movement in Houston has been referenced by nationally published historians.

He currently resides with his loving spouse of 21 years, Tony