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The Secret To Being A Happy Camper shares 100+ "beautifully rendered," thought-provoking Bible verses. Fun for all, yet serious stuff for even the most deeply religious. Even those who don’t study Scripture will appreciate the messages in this and how they can enhance our faith experiences. Proceeds help fund global relief.
Published by cross-denominational ministry Global Institute For Transformation (GIFT), it will inspire us to live and love more like Jesus. Investing a little time in this offers potential for significant payback: reflecting on these Transformational Thoughts should change your life for the best! You can enjoy a very "rich" life by viewing everything through the lens of His Word. This book can help us all become more joyful, peaceful, loving and fulfilled.

It covers love; creation; compassion; hope; holiness; forgiveness; marriage; family; sharing faith; and more. GIFT believes those who read and prayerfully reflect on this book can't help but be transformed.

Areas of Expertise

This book is good for faith formation, discipleship and evangelization -- and encouragement for daily life. Cross-denominational, Tim wrote this book while a Licensed Minister in the Nazarene church using NIV text (a popular Protestant version of Scripture); but it also received an Imprimatur from the Catholic Church and was described as "beautifully rendered" by Cardinal Roger Mahony. It can foster interreligious dialogues of respect and dignity,engaging all faiths as children of our Creator.

Professional Affiliations

As specialists in leading change, even presenting strategies to the White House, GIFT leaders address top issues facing people, communities worldwide and the Church. Our focus on God's Word can lead a global transformation. GIFT mission: Transforming hearts, lives and communities by helping people receive, fan into flame and share the gift(s) of God. Services: Scripture; Celebrate Our Creator; GLOW; HeART; Sheep & Goat; Transformation Path/Guide; Global Relief. www.institutefortransformation.org

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