Audrey Magoun

Fairbanks, Alaska

Audrey Magoun has worked on wolverines in both natural and captive settings since 1978. In 1985 she completed a PhD dissertation on the ecology of wolverines in the northern foothills of the Brooks Range in Alaska. In 2000 she hand-reared 2 wolverine kits in the Alaska Range to observe and film their behavior and development in a natural environment. She also spent 3 years in eastern Canada using radiotelemetry to study wolverines and documented the extent of their distribution by snow-tracking from aircraft. From 2007–2010 she used satellite collars and cameras to study wolverines in Southeast Alaska. She developed a technique for studying wolverines that would be less invasive than livetrapping and collaring. She is currently working on a study of wolverines in northwest Alaska.

Books by Audrey Magoun