Antionette and Darlene Wonsey


This book was a shared effort between my mother and myself.

Darlene Wonsey was a mother of 9, who in her own words, 'earned her "PhD' (Paid Her Dues) in child rearing.

Paul and Roscoe Roach was a creation born out of our own story from the exodus to Florida from Chicago. We were unaware of the many variety of species that would soon captivate us .....literally....drawing us CLOSE TOGETHER as we discovered the unwavering flight of the Palmetto bug (known as the flying roach). We always maintained our sense of humor as we stared adversities in the face even if they were of less than formidable size.

Our goal of Roscoe Roach and Paul Palmetto was to not only bring 'little known facts' about those who share our living space native to our location, but to explore how children may be able to deal with the various trials and tributlations they may matter how small they seem to us.

We hope that you will enjoy the publication as much as we've enjoyed creating it.

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