Adam Martin

Saigon, Vietnam

I have stood in awe of the tallest mountain on the planet. I have been blessed by a Japanese monk from a cauldron that has bubbled constantly for hundreds of years. I have witnessed the perfect Cambodian sunrise over Angkor Wat, scuba dived with squadrons of Manta Rays in Indonesia, I've watched the sun go down from atop a temple in Bagan in Myanmar. I've met women with black lacquered teeth, ex head hunters with tribal tattoos, people smooth and wrinkled, kids with buckets on their heads, babies holding pythons, old men holding grandsons.

My name is Adam Martin. I grew up on the Mornington Peninsula, south east of Melbourne in Australia. I first ventured to Asia in 1991 intending on a 3 week break, only to return to Australia 7 months later, a changed man. I have been in Asia for approximately the last 18 years, having moved to the region in 2001.

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