Ariel Rojas

Brooklyn, NY

Psychologist, anthropologist and poet. From 1994 to 1995, he was the founder and president of the Writers Group from University of Havana. There, he organized "Versiones," a literary contest, and activities where young student writers could exchange their creative experience among themselves and with some of the young musicians that would become part of Cuba's artistic vanguard such as pianist and composer Aldo Lopez-Gavilan and flautist Niurka Gonzales as well as Cuban troubadours Raul Torres and Boris Larramendi (Habana Abierta). In 1999, Mr. Rojas won a mention in poetry at the David Award from UNEAC. In 2000, he was granted with a Latin-American Culture Fellowship from Vassar College. A year later, he started pursuing a Master degree at Columbia University's Anthropology Department tutored by renowed professor Michael Taussig. Today, Mr. Rojas live in New York City and work as a social services professional.

Books by Ariel Rojas