Bill Ray

New York, N.Y.

Bill Ray was born in a tiny Nebraska town in 1936, a few months before the great American picture magazine, Life, was launched. His interest in photography was encouraged by his mother and oldest brother, who were both artists. When it came time to choose between small town security and striking out for the big time, he took the road out of town, landing a job on the Lincoln Journal-Star as a staff photographer,but always with his goal in mind of becoming a Life photographer, going to far away places, meeting important and beautiful people. His campaign took him to Chicago and Minneapolis, where he met the love of his life on a park bench, and New York, four years later, working for the world's greatest picture magazine. Lucky for him, the girl on the park bench came along, and they lived happily ever after, in Beverly Hills, Paris, and New York with their three beautiful daughters and their five perfect grandchildren.
This book includes some of the pictures taken along the way.

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