Marco Boria

Gemona del Friuli , Italy

Photography has always accompanied me on my travels. From my very first trip in Cuba in 1986, with my father's Olympus Camera I took my first steps, in this amazing creative experience.
I have not yet found my personal style in photography. What interests me being a passionate photographer, is to continue to experience that strange and magic sensation which captivates me when I arrive in a new place in which I immerse myself, almost transported by a profound desire to listen and smell what surrounds me. Faces and forms which have the capability to make me feel at times far from reality, in a sate of lightness and alienation which favours the capability to capture that very special moment in time in the photograph. Exploring details, facial expressions, architecture, render my travels even more stimulating and enjoyable. Someone said that the people are the greatest show in the world and you don't have to buy a ticket !!

Books by Marco Boria