Sandy Briggs

New Brunswick, Canada

Sandy Briggs has been mountaineering since 1975 and on Vancouver Island since 1977 (well, up to 2018 anyway) but has also climbed in the European Alps, Scotland, Greenland, the Caucasus, the Canadian arctic, the B.C. Coast mountains, and various other parts of western North America. He’s a self-described mountaineer, arctic traveller, chemist, bushwhacker, parochial Vancouver Island mountaineering aficionado, and veteran of about 20 long arctic or sub-arctic trips, including an ascent of Mt. Logan via the King Trench in 1996. He’s a member of the Alpine Club of Canada (ACC) and the Akademischer Alpen-Club Zürich (AACZ). In 2001 he was awarded the Alpine Club of Canada Silver Rope Award for mountaineering leadership. In 2015 he was elected a Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society.

Books by Sandy Briggs