Astral Planes, Universe

COSMOS.PRESS is an independent digital media publication focused on the expansion of human creative consciousness by merging the mainstream + underground (★ + ✰). Much of the foundation for Cosmos has been in Jung's philosophy of the Red Book - in which he accounts connecting intimately with his higher self or soul.

We ask impartial questions / create from an 'out-of-body' state and produce experiences with artists that feel detached but simultaneously deeply personal. In a world beset by the problems of social media & low effort content, we hope to serve as a continued representation of inquiry into the creative aspects of the human condition.

Past Features Include: The Weeknd, Anthony Fantano, Therapy Gecko, 8485, Lil Ugly Mane, DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ, Neo Punk FM, Sisyphus55, Denzel Curry, Fire-Toolz, Ada Rook, Benny Sings, & more.

Selling our photos on Blurb helps make Cosmos possible :)

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