Filippos Marinakis

Athens, Greece

The polymath author Filippos Marinakis, for writting this historical fiction Abook studied 4,500 Lionardo da Vinci's manuscripts and around 20 sciences. He Decoded the Mona Lisa on February 2012, keeping it a secret for more than 6 years. Prior, he spent eight years as a Development Executive for Mega TV in Greece, for some of the most loved TV-Series. He has graduated from Athens College, the Athens University of Economics and Business, and from the prestigious A.F.I. in Los Angeles for his Master’s Degree in filmmaking.

He enjoys a very peculiar and unexpected life by travelling in more than 30 countries, in 4 continents; while he worked in two different continents. His biggest loves are the magic of love, the solving of mysteries, philosophy, humour, history, travelling, aesthetics, photography, filmmaking, sports, future scenarios, reverse thinking, the free expression of honest people, and a balance in society.

Books by Filippos Marinakis