Brett Payne

Tauranga, New Zealand

Brett Payne is an author, photographer and photohistorian. Finding My Way: Autumn on the Camino Frances is his first book.

Brett has travelled widely to pursue his hankering for adventure and inquisitiveness about other cultures. Apart from his native southern Africa, he has visited and taken photographs in the United Kingdom, Austria, Hungary, Spain, Japan, Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, Egypt, Lebanon and several Pacific and Indian Ocean islands. On his next adventure in northern Spain in October 2016, he’ll be recording the landscapes and people he meets with both a DSLR camera and with a hundred year-old Vest Pocket Kodak using almost obsolete black-and-white film.

Apart from his writing and photography, Brett works as a photohistorian in the museum sector. His passion is the preservation of old photos, learning about photographers from the 19th and early 20th centuries, the cameras they used and the subjects they photographed.

Books by Brett Payne