Marty Taylor


I am the founder and owner of Welcome Home. I created Welcome Home on Facebook and within a year it went viral. Now 12 years later, over a half a million friends follow my journey of cooking and honoring my Mom's memory. People come from all over the world to join my Save A Life mission to help the homeless and save the lives of dogs and cats that are being killed in Shelters when no one gets there in time.

It seems I work non-stop. I am also the president and CEO of a Communications Consulting firm here in Maryland, just outside of Baltimore. So I don't have a lot of free time on my hands. But in my spare time, I obviously enjoy cooking and blogging, but I also love gardening, reading and writing.

I am a novice writer that has published 8 cookbooks. I am proud of the fact that some of the proceeds from the sale of all my books go to the homeless and under privileged and some go to support animal rights.

Books by Marty Taylor